‘Zwahrat’ is a story of sisterhood.

We are cousins who share a unique bond that goes far beyond words. Our roots are based on our childhood when we lived together with our grandmother (famously Known as ‘Maaji’).

A few of our fondest memories include dressing up by wearing our grandmother’s old skirt (Ghagra), scarf (Chunni), traditional jewelry (Jhumka, Ghungroo, Borla) and dancing to her folk songs; Getting ears pierced at home in an old traditional style followed by Maaji applying the mixture of turmeric and mustard oil for healing; Fighting over that beautiful pair of earrings at the store which was available only for one person; Borrowing each other’s jewelry on all occasions with the promise of returning them back and the intent of never doing the same.

While growing up gifting each other exclusive pieces of jewelry became our own little tradition and still is.

So, Zwahrat came about when we decided to bring our childhood memories to life and as a tribute to our beloved Maaji who immensely shaped our lives to become strong and independent women.

Our designs are inspired by traditional jewelry worn by men and women across India and are relevant in today’s time. With each piece, designed with care, you will feel the essence of the ancient and modern world coming together.

Zwahrat’s larger mission is empowering women by generating sources of income, enabling decision making and helping them lead better lives, particularly in rural India. Through our work, we hope to make a tiny difference in this area that we know requires massive change.

As it signifies to us, we both hope that Zwahrat creates a sense of belongingness to your past while you cherish your present with a deep feeling of love.

Akanksha and Pallavi


O’ this fad.
This is eternal.
The charm is forever.
This is like a scent which keeps on enchanting the surroundings with a captivating but invisible feel for you and all others.
It was there in Mohenjo-daro.
It was also in pyramids of Egypt.
No epic is without its mention.
Kalidasa could not omit its reference in Meghdootam.
This adorned the kings.
Queens were miserable without it.
Yearning for this has been universal.
it was Krishna and his gopis,
it is a shepherd girl or a billionaire lady.
After all,
What is this
which has been so attractive
so much eternal
so full of fragrance
so alluring
so fascinating
It is
Zwahrat of leaves
Zwahrat of flowers
Zwahrat of stones
Zwahrat of silver
Zwahrat of gold
Zwahrat of diamonds
Zwahrat of rubies
Zwahrat for elegance, beauty and charm.
We are here to quench your thirst for this eternal and universal yearning.
Just think of the feeling hidden in some deep corner of your heart
The manifestation of that silent desire is just a click away from you.
Have a glance at number of our own heartfelt ideas to adorn you and your tender longings just to take a small step to channelise your expression in the right direction.
The direction is towards The Zwahrat.